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Zenith OCT Season 2 - Conrad Gray by Electricut
Zenith OCT Season 2 - Conrad Gray

Name: Conrad Gray


Aliases: Con/The Con Man/Diamond Eyes/That creep with the top hat


Age: Claims to be in his twenties, but appears to be much, much older


Height: 5’ 10” (6’ 6” with the hat)


Weight: N/A (fairly gaunt; his robes seem to cover for most of his overall weight)


Race:Human (*Racial: Skillful)


Religion: While he really isn’t the type to take part in organized religion, it is unclear whether or not he has any set spiritual beliefs


Guild: Hunters of the Wicked

Background: Not much is known about the shady figure that is Conrad Gray. His first reported appearance in Zenith occurred roughly 3 months before the start of the decennial tournament. Although, it is highly likely that he arrived in the city even earlier than that, choosing to keep a low profile.

He soon established himself as a capable swindler, garnering the attention of the guilds, particularly that of the Brotherhood, due to his unlawful actions. Confidence tricks, harassment and psychological abuse are the most frequent charges made against him. However, he still remains largely unknown in the eyes of the general populous. The name “Diamond Eyes” was originally used in reference to him, as all his marks, when asked about his appearance, seemed to single out a particular feature of his character – his mesmerizing blue eyes. Nobody has ever actually seen the lower half of his face, making it hard to create a full profile. All the information about him was gathered in passing, little tidbits he would share with his victims - his name, his age, as well as certain other details. Notwithstanding, these claims are highly speculated, seeing as they are provided by a deceptive source of questionable sanity.

Needless to say, it was quite the shock when it was revealed, a mere week before to the grand tournament, that the fiend who terrorized the city inhabitants for months was in fact a Hunter of the Wicked. As if that weren’t enough, he is set to participate in the tournament as a guild representative. Even the other city Hunters were baffled by this chain of events, as seemingly no one but Guild mistress Louise was even aware of Gray’s alignment. Although, it has come to notice that an individual matching his description has been seen during several guild missions, assisting the members to sustain rouge monsters endangering the city, all the while remaining concealed in the shadows. While she soon came under scrutiny for her actions, Louise still stands by her decision, vouching for Gray as one of the greatest Hunters of the Western Border. Despite this, many fear that his presence in the tournament might just be the straw that broke the camel’s back when it comes to people trusting the Hunters and their role as guild.

Personality: Strange. That seems to cover Conrad’s identity quite nicely. The only thing you can expect him to do is the unexpected. Even his speech is littered with riddles and non-sequesters. Speaking of which, he talks with a drawling, hypnotizing voice. It was described in the past as both condescending (much like a parent cooing a child) and psychotic, as he appears to constantly be on the verge of laughing (even though, strangely enough, he almost never actually laughs). He serves as the agent of discord in most situations, tampering with the emotions of others, just to see how they will react. The only thing that seemingly trumps his desire to fuck with people is his crazed obsession with shiny objects. Lacking rational, and even certain moral boundaries, he will go to great lengths to achieve his goals. He doesn’t seem to understand the concept of personal space, or at least puts no value in it. Which is ironic, considering how upset he gets when others invade his own privacy. Although he doesn’t shy away from talking about himself, he remains pretty secretive when it comes to his personal life.

Magical Abilities:

:bulletpurple: Dispel Psyonics: Direct eye contact with him, combined with his verbal provocation and suggestion, can leave one in a state of confusion and paranoia (although, in some cases, the stare alone is more than enough)

:bulletpurple: Shadow Dance: When he is not concealing himself, Conrad is constantly moving. He is most commonly seen swaying his entire body in a hypnotic manner. His movements can be compared to that of a ragdoll, being seemingly mass-less as well as unpredictable. His magic is heavily tied to these dance-like motions, being channeled according to the flow. In fact, while most other users of this technique seem to heavily focus on the shape of the desired magical construct, what Conrad materializes can mostly be described as “waves of gunk”, as his dancing is improvised and no movement is ever the same. It could be said that he puts more effort into the navigation and the sheer force of his magicks, rather that their aesthetics.


:bulletblue: Knowledge of Abominations: Most of the time, instead of actually reading up on them, he relies on his keen observational skills to gain knowledge on all creatures that come his way.

:bulletblue: Sense Enemy: Pretty self-explanatory.

:bulletblue: See Through Darkness: In pitch darkness, be weary of two glowing, diamond blue orbs that pierce right thru it.

:bulletblue: Acrobatics: Extremely flexible, agile and coordinated. His sense of balance is probably best exemplified by the fact that, no matter how much he frantically jumps around, his hat will still remain seated on his head.

:bulletblue: Tongue of Thy Enemy: Rawr!

Inventory: He has no need, nor does he know how to handle any weapon properly. He does, however, have in his position several throwing daggers. Due to his affinity for shiny objects, he has collected (i.e. randomly found or swindled) a plethora of various knifes and daggers, raging from plain to jewel-incrusted. On his person he also caries a silver chain, several necklaces and medallions (a few sporting holly symbols), other bits of jewelry and coins of various value. Everything that he comes across that catches his fancy he places in specialized pockets sawn all over his garments, especially his sleeves. This is the reason why most of his weight is shifted to his back, as to support his loot-covered arms. As stated before, he never uses any of the weapons at his disposal. At least, not in the traditional sense. He has been known to slam his opponents with his sleeves, the sheer weight of his possessions conjuring enough blunt force to truly leave an impression. 

Strengths & Weaknesses:

:bulletgreen: While by no means weak, most of his physical strength is invested into maneuvering his weighted clothes. Hand-to-hand combat isn’t his forte; as he never partook in practicing any know martial arts. While his garments (and swag) can withstand more than one would think, he is still very sustainable to physical attacks, as he has no actual armor (or weapon) to protect himself with. What he lacks in toughness, however, he more than makes up for in other qualities – mainly ingenuity, stealth and stamina.

:bulletgreen: In a fight, he prefers to keep a distance for the most part, his main tactic being trying to tire and disorient the target. Hiding in the shadows, he frequently aims for the element of surprise. He prays on the mental weakness of his opponents, exploiting their personal misgivings, taunting and humiliating them. He knows just how to get under people’s skin. His skills of deception and intimidation give him an upper hand in most situations, but a powerful mind can prove to be a massive hindrance.

:bulletgreen: While most would assume that him not being formally educated in the art of the arcane would result in him being less of a threat… they would be wrong. Dead wrong. He has immense natural magical talent, to the point the few innate abilities that he possesses are far more powerful than they have the right to be. Shadow Dance is his most utilized technique, making for an ideal asset in long-range combat.

:bulletgreen: His eyes are always peeled - both literally and metaphorically. A well-accepted hypothesis is that “he only blinks when you do”. He has a keen awareness of his surroundings, constantly on the lookout for new information and things to use to his advantage. Not even darkness can dim his gaze. While usually of a very precise mind, any glistening, valuable object in sight will put a strain on his concentration.

Theme Song: "Mr. Green"- This way to the Egress (…)

You know, every know and again I feel like actually posting something, be it in the journal or the gallery, but I always change my mind as I'm about to do it. Either out of laziness or insecurity, I don't know.

That really does describe my "artwork". I seem to rapidly jump from "I can't do this. It's too hard." to "Ohmygawrd! So many ideas! Gotta draw!" and vice-versa. Sometimes I look back at my work and go: "How da fauq did I do that?". But more times than not I can't stand to look at it for more than a few days. I just seem to notice more and more mistakes and missed opportunities as time goes on. In a way, I'm kinda pleased with myself being able to recognize my faults and be able to grow from them. But on the other hand, I wish I could be confident enough with my drawings, you know? But then again, it would be arrogant of me to expect greatness right of the bat without putting any effort into it. I often find myself looking back at my scribbles of yesteryear, staring at it with both marvel and disapproval. Most of the content on my page is crap in my eyes. The thought of deleting it all has crossed my mind several times, but I know if I did that there would almost never be anything there to be seen. If I ever shape up and actually achieve something, I would like for people to be able to trace back my steps and become more encouraged to pursuit their own dreams. But I'm getting ahead of myself (again).

Anyways, yeah, I have been drawing more extensively in the last month or so. Mostly sketches, yes, but at least it's something. I'm desperately trying to find my own personal style and I'm not sure if I have found it yet. As a little kid I could just draw what was on my mind directly on the paper without think about things such as anatomy, lighting or expression. I can not merely do one thing decently and half-ass the rest, as I often did in the past. Maybe it sounds like I have outrageously high standards, but I really do enjoy working on something when I know I'm giving it my all. Sadly, this also means that it takes hours upon hours to finnish a relatively simple piece. Quality over quantity, I say (I use the term quality very loosely).

Another fact that I noticed is that I seem to be creating far less characters that I used to. Not too long ago, every other day I would have a new person pop up in my head. I think I'm now at the stage where I'm trying to develop and further explore my stories and their possibilities, as opposed to just making them for the sake of making them. Some of them I have never even tried to develop all that much, mostly due to being too busy with trying to design about a dozen more at the same time. And every time I do settle on how I want them to be (both design-vise and personalty-vise), a few months later I have already changed my mind. This is a serious problem that I've been trying to reconcile for a long time. And while I would like to say I was making progress, that seems like wishful thinking. 

So yeah, maybe I'll be posting something soon. Maybe. Possibly. Perhaps. Perchance. Who the fuck knows? I surly don't!


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Oto Vukovic
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Current Residence: Zagreb, Croatia
Favourite style of art: Pencil sketches
Operating System: Mac
Personal Quote: HAZZAH!

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